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Licensed electricians who are smoke alarm specialists

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Hi there! We’re Smoke Alarmed! - a local, family-owned business of licensed electricians on the Sunshine Coast, QLD who are specialists in all smoke alarm repairs and installations. Our utmost priority is the safety of you and your family whilst delivering the 5-star trade service that you deserve.

You can read about the services we offer here, our 8 unique differences here, or learn about our on time guarantee here.

We thrive on challenging smoke alarm issues and installations and no job is too small. And we're well equipped to upgrade your home or investment property to the new incoming January 1st 2022 and 2027 smoke alarm standards. 

Smoke alarms save lives, so like hundreds of other Sunshine Coast families, let us help you with our prompt and professional smoke alarm service, providing you and your family with peace of mind and security.

Call us anytime on 1800 SMOKE ALARM or simply send us a text on 0437 822 487. We look forward to helping you too!

8 reasons why Smoke Alarmed is your #1 choice for smoke alarm repairs and installations on the Sunshine Coast


Free, upfront no obligation quotes priced 'by the task' not 'by the hour'

Up Front Smoke Alarm Quotes

Rely on Smoke Alarmed to provide affordable, fixed, itemised quotes before any work commences putting you in control so there are no nasty surprises.


Noisy nuisance smoke alarms fixed same day guaranteed!

Same Day Service For Smoke Alarm Repairs

There’s nothing worse than a chirping or erratic smoke alarm to drive you crazy. We fix noisy nuisance smoke alarms the SAME DAY you call or it’s free!* It’s our ‘Get Some Sleep Guarantee’ (must call before 11am during business hours for guarantee to apply).


$0 call out fee!

It costs you nothing for us to visit you on the Sunshine Coast and chat about your smoke alarms.


Guaranteed on-time arrival or we pay you $100!

There’s nothing worse than waiting around all day for a tradesman to turn up – that’s if they even arrive at all! When you choose Smoke Alarmed, we guarantee that if we’re late for your appointment, for whatever reason, we’ll pay you $100!


Licensed electricians who are smoke alarm specialists

Smoke Alarm Professionals

We’re licensed electricians and experts in all smoke alarm repairs, replacements and installations, servicing all of the Sunshine Coast, QLD. Not only can we help with your stand-alone battery smoke alarms, but being licensed electricians, we can competently install and service hard-wired (mains powered) smoke alarms.


Clean and tidy house-trained electricians

Clean And Tidy Smoke Alarmed Electrician

We will respect your home or business by using drop cloths, mats and shoe covers to protect your valuable floor surfaces. We come equipped with a vacuum cleaner and cleaning products to ensure the work area has been left spotless. No trace of mess is left behind.


Most jobs completed the same day

Electrician Carrying Cable And Smoke Alarms

We arrive in a fully stocked service vehicle carrying a comprehensive range of smoke alarms and parts, so often, your smoke alarm job can be completed the same day we visit.


Specialists in the repairs to chirping smoke alarms

Electrician Working On A Smoke Alarm

There are many reasons for a smoke alarm to chirp. We’ve seen it all. You can count on us for a prompt and accurate diagnosis of your smoke alarm problem followed by a free up front quote for its repair or replacement.

Here's just some of our smoke alarm services

Chirping smoke alarm repairs

There’s nothing worse than a random chirp coming from your smoke alarm, especially in the middle of the night! Sometimes this chirp indicates the batteries in the alarm require replacing. If this has been done and the chirp persists, contact our Sunshine Coast smoke alarm electricians to investigate the problem and repair.

Repairing a Chirping Smoke Alarm

Smoke alarm battery replacement

If your smoke alarm is chirping once every 30 seconds or so, it usually indicates a flat battery. If you’re  unsure how to replace your smoke alarm battery or are not confident at heights, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 1800 766 532. We can talk you through how to replace the battery yourself or we can quickly zip out there and replace it for you – we specialise in small jobs so don’t worry at all about calling us out for a little job like this – it’s really no hassle at all.

Smoke Alarm 9 Volt Battery

Repositioning of smoke alarms for best performance and safety

Having a smoke detector is no good unless it has been installed in the correct location for optimum performance. Rely on our experience for correct smoke detector placement to ensure you’re alerted to the presence of a fire in the earliest possible time.

Scheduled, recurring smoke alarm testing and maintenance services

Take the hassle out of smoke alarm servicing with a scheduled maintenance plan with Smoke Alarmed. A failure to regularly service/maintain your smoke alarms will increase the likelihood of inconvenient/costly false alarms. Additionally, a regular check done by a smoke alarm professional will identify any small issues before they become major headaches. We'll let you know in advance when your smoke alarms require checking and schedule a convenient time with you to visit. Life is busy enough without having to remember to service and test your smoke alarms. Make it effortless with Smoke Alarmed!

Upgrade to photoelectric smoke alarms

We can upgrade your existing smoke alarms to the newer, safer photoelectric smoke alarms. These smoke alarms are equipped to alert you quicker for slower-burning smouldering fires, and are less prone to nuisance sounding from kitchen cooking smoke. Improve safety with the installation of a photoelectric smoke alarm by the friendly team at Smoke Alarmed.

Smoke Entering A Smoke Detector

10-year-life lithium battery smoke alarm upgrades

Smoke alarms containing sealed 10-year-life lithium batteries (for either the main power source or the back up battery) are becoming increasingly popular for our clients across the Sunshine Coast because they negate the need to replace the 9-volt battery each year. Very convenient! Call us on 1800 SMOKE ALARM to discuss the various benefits of 10-year-life lithium battery smoke alarms.

Expired smoke alarm replacement

Did you know that smoke alarms only have a working life of 10 years and must be replaced at this interval to maintain compliance? Our smoke alarm electricians can check the expiry date of your existing units and supply and install new smoke alarms if required to ensure your safety.

Smoke alarm testing and compliance for rental properties

Current smoke alarm legislation states that, 30 days prior to starting or renewing a tenancy, owners of rental properties in Queensland must ensure that their property’s smoke alarms are tested, cleaned and flat batteries replaced. Smoke Alarmed can carry out this service to ensure all of your responsibilities and obligations as a property manager, landlord or tenant are met. Call us on 1800 766 532 or text us on 0437 822 487 to find out more.

Smoke Alarm Testing for Rental Properties

Mains powered smoke alarm installations

The safest, most reliable smoke alarm installation is a hard-wired connection, where the smoke alarm is wired directly into the mains supply and has a battery as a back up power source (either 9 volt or sealed rechargeable 10-year lithium). Smoke Alarmed electricians can supply and install either 240 volt smoke alarms, or battery-only smoke alarms, however we highly recommend the hard-wired variety being the most reliable (where they’re possible to install) to keep you and your family safe.

Running Cable for Smoke Detectors

Interconnected smoke alarms

When you have multiple smoke alarms installed in a property, it is strongly advised (and part of incoming smoke alarm legislation) to have them interconnected with each other so all smoke alarms sound when one is triggered, thus providing the earliest possible warning and allowing the best chance to escape the building should disaster strike. Interconnection of smoke alarms can be carried out with physical wiring run between each alarm or in instances where this is not possible, via wireless radio-link technology.

Smoke Alarm Positioning Around Your Home

Smoke alarm positioning and layout design

Our smoke alarm electricians can design a customised smoke alarm solution specific to the layout of your property, taking into account the number of rooms, sleeping areas, multi-levels, ceiling heights, pitched roofs etc. Rely on the expertise of the electricians at Smoke Alarmed to design the safest and compliant smoke alarm installation for you.

Smoke alarm audits

Concerned about the suitability or compliance of your existing smoke alarms in any property you own? Reach out to Smoke Alarmed to carry out a no-fuss assessment and report of your existing smoke alarm system for your peace of mind.

If you hate waiting around, you'll love our guaranteed on-time service

If we're late, you're $100 richer!*

There’s nothing worse than waiting around all day for a tradesman to arrive – that’s if they even turn up at all! When you choose Smoke Alarmed, we guarantee that if we’re late for your appointment, for whatever reason, we’ll pay you $100!*

Smoke Alarm Electrician Greeting Customer

Track our exact arrival on a map before we arrive

For your convenience, we’ll send you an SMS when we’re on our way to your place, with a link where you can track our exact arrival on a map. You’ll see us coming, turn by turn. No more waiting around wondering when we'll arrive. 

A few kind words from our customers

"Absolutely wonderful"

Luke is absolutely wonderful.  I was having trouble after I reconfigured my kitchen with the smoke detector always going off when I was cooking toast.  Luke talked to me about different options that would solve the problem, and even gave me quotes to help me decide between two different options.  I was already impressed but then when he started installing the option that I chose, I was even more impressed.  His work is neat and he kept me informed about progress and when he needed to turn the power off, checked that it was a convenient time for me.  Then when he got out a vacuum cleaner at the end, I was completely blown away.  I would recommend Luke to anyone who wanted some work done (he does general electrical work in addition to being the best to go to for smoke detectors.) I would give him more than five stars if I could.

Kathryn Stephenson

Google Review

"5-star service"

5-star service without a doubt! Was having intermittent issues with my smoke detectors (going off randomly - no reason at all) which spanned some 16 months. Prior to engaging Smoke Alarmed, I had several other electricians look at them over that time and most just simply shrugged their shoulders or offered solutions which simply didn't work. Smoke Alarmed were diligent in their testing and diagnosis and I'm pleased to say now 6 months on, we haven't heard a peep from them. Highly recommended!

Stephen Cochran


"Consummate professional"

Luke is the consummate professional.  We have found him to be absolutely trustworthy, thoroughly reliable and very hard working.  We also value his advice  on all matters concerning electrical repair and alarms.   He is here when he says he will be and always phones to confirm his imminent attendance.  My wife & I are very happy with all work done to date and we would highly recommend his services to everyone who requires the specialist knowledge of a skilled and excellent tradesperson.

Ross Robertson

Google Review

Partnering with the best smoke alarm manufacturers

When you choose Smoke Alarmed, you won't be our guinea pig. We install hundreds of smoke alarms a month on the Sunshine Coast and have the experience to know which smoke alarms are reliable and which ones to stay clear of. It means we know each smoke alarm make and model like the back of our hand so you'll receive the best advice and you can have confidence in knowing we'll recommend the right smoke alarm for your home or business.

Need a smoke alarm electrician now?

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We're local Sunshine Coast electricians who are fastidious smoke alarm specialists. With over 18 years experience in testing, repairing and replacing smoke alarms, and a deep-rooted intent to improve home safety, you can rely on us to provide thorough smoke alarm installation, testing and repair services across the Sunshine Coast QLD region. Our utmost priority is the safety of you and your family and we refuse to cut corners when it comes to electrical and fire safety. Smoke alarms save lives, so like hundreds of other Sunshine Coast families, rely on the specialist knowledge and expertise of the smoke alarm specialists at Smoke Alarmed!


Smoke Alarmed

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