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You might be living on Image Flat Road, Lamington Terrace, Netherton Street, Park Road, Elizabeth Street, Huntingdale Drive or Spring Myrtle Avenue, or elsewhere in the vicinity. Whatever address you call home in Nambour QLD, we’re your neighbourhood electricians who are always ready to assist with your smoke alarm requirements.

If you have property in Nambour QLD 4560, and you’re searching for someone who offers an unsurpassed level of service and expertise for smoke alarm work, we’ve got you covered. You can rely on the knowledge and commitment to service that you always receive from the specialists at Smoke Alarmed

To learn about some of the smoke alarm services we offer click here, to discover our unique differences click here, hear from our delighted clients here, or find out what suburbs we service click here.

We handle everything from smoke alarm installations, upgrades, repairs, replacements, testing and servicing. We are committed to ensuring everything is done to the highest standard to guarantee that you and your family will be safe in the event of fire. We are well across the upcoming stages of the new Queensland Smoke Alarm Legislation that are due to roll out in 2022 and 2027, and which will include changes for both homeowners and tenanted properties.

You will be happy to know that you won’t be charged a call-out fee when you decide on Smoke Alarmed. We also pride ourselves on our on-time guarantee, which means you will never be kept waiting for us to arrive. What you can always expect though, is an unrivalled level of service and expertise delivered by our friendly, professional, and meticulous technicians.

Nambour Smoke Alarm

We've proudly gained the reputation of being the trusted smoke alarm specialists in hundreds of Nambour homes. When you choose us, we promise prompt, professional and affordable smoke alarm service. Give Smoke Alarmed the opportunity to upgrade the fire safety in your Nambour home and we promise you will be wowed with the red carpet service we provide!

Why we love working in Nambour

Nambour was first settled in 1870 and is bursting with the charm, character and stories of centuries past. With so much heritage, what a wonderful township it must be to settle into and raise a family, or to retire in the peace and tranquility of the area. We can’t help but notice the resurgence of Nambour in more recent years, with the growing number of lovely cafes and eateries, plus basement bars and galleries too. There’s your museum to be proud of too of course, as well as other nearby attractions to enjoy such as Hinterland wine tasting, the ever popular Yandina Ginger Factory and the famous Eumundi Markets, all within easy driving distance of this charming town. I think our favorite is the rainforest walks and waterfalls of the region. What would be your favourite? 

From a smoke alarm angle, we find we are servicing a broad cross section of homes with smoke alarms of all ages and conditions in Nambour, which keeps us busy. Nambour, as you would expect, has a significant number of older homes, some of which have no working smoke alarms at all … scary! On the other hand, however, we are discovering a lot of other homes in Nambour have smoke alarms installed that are nearing their 10-year expiry date, which means they now need to be replaced with new ones. 


Here are some of the smoke alarm services we offer you in Nambour...

We carry out all smoke alarm services in Nambour, so if you don't see what you need below, chances are we can help anyway. Get in touch with us today to discuss what you need.

Smoke alarm installation

Whether it be the installation of one smoke alarm in your Nambour QLD home or the installation of a whole house interconnected photoelectric smoke alarm system, Smoke Alarmed can help! We have the specialist knowledge and experience to know where to best position the smoke alarms in your property, taking into consideration minimum distances from walls, room corners, light fittings, ceiling fans and air conditioners and vents

Smoke Alarm Installation Nambour

Smoke alarm repair

If you find your smoke alarms are false alarming and/or randomly chirping (and they're less than 10 years old and of acceptable condition), repairing the smoke alarm is often a more cost-effective option than replacing them. Reach out to us today to schedule a site visit and free consultation. After inspecting your smoke alarm(s) and running some tests, we'll be able to give you some prices and options for its repair.

Smoke Alarm Repair Nambour
Nambour QLD 2022 and 2027 Smoke Alarm Legislation Upgrades

QLD 2022 and 2027 Smoke Alarm Legislation upgrades

By the 1st January 2022, all properties in QLD being leased or sold will require to have photoelectric smoke alarms (mains powered or powered by a non-removable 10-year-life lithium battery) inside EVERY bedroom, in the spaces connecting the bedrooms and the escape areas (i.e. the corridors) and on each level. They will also require interconnection with each other (i.e. when one smoke alarm sounds, all alarms sound). For all owner-occupied homes in QLD, the same standard will be required by 1st January 2027. See QFES for more information.

Contact Smoke Alarmed today for a free quote to upgrade your Nambour home to the incoming 2022 and 2027 smoke alarm standards.

Rental Property Smoke Alarm Testing Nambour

Smoke alarm testing and compliance for rental properties

In rental properties in QLD, smoke alarms require testing in the 30 days prior to a new tenancy or tenancy renewal. Contact us today to take the hassle out of your rental property smoke alarm and electrical compliance obligations

Expired Smoke Detector Replacement Nambour

Expired smoke alarm replacement

All smoke alarms expire when they reach 10 years of age, after which they need to be replaced. The manufacturing date and/or the expiry date are often labelled on the rear of the alarm. How old are yours? 

If you're not sure, arrange for one of our smoke alarm electricians to visit and assess your smoke alarms. We'll provide a free, no obligation quote if they need to be replaced with new.

Smoke alarm testing

When it comes to smoke alarm testing, we're thorough and leave no stone unturned. We carry out a thorough 7-point testing and service process on each alarm. 

This includes an audible (sound pressure) test using a sound meter, a simulated smoke test (to ensure the alarm activates under real-life conditions), an internal sensor clean, and replacing the battery of course (whether that be a back up battery or the alarm's main power source), just to name a few. We also apply insect repellent on the smoke alarm and surrounding surfaces to limit the chance of insect ingress which can cause those annoying false alarms. Just pressing a test button on a smoke alarm is simply not enough to ensure your smoke alarm works when you need it to work the most. 

Smoke Alarmed are relentless in their smoke alarm testing procedures and go further than any other smoke alarm testing company in Nambour. The safety of you, your family or tenants is far too important to risk on anything less!

Smoke Alarm Testing Nambour

Upgrade to photoelectric smoke alarms

Photoelectric (optical) smoke alarms are far superior to their older 'ionisation' counterparts. Photoelectric smoke alarms alert you to a fire quicker and they are far less likely to false alarm from burning toast, cooking smoke and humidity. 

Upgrading to photoelectric smoke alarms is a worthwhile investment to improve the fire safety in your Nambour property.

Photoelectric Smoke Alarm Upgrade In Nambour
Chirping Smoke Alarm Emergencies In Nambour

Chirping smoke alarm emergencies

We're specialists in chirping/beeping smoke alarms, specifically what causes them and how to fix them. 

If you have a noisy/chirping/beeping smoke alarm giving you grief in your Nambour home, call us before 11am Mon-Fri, and we'll fix it the same day you call or our repair is FREE!

Need some reasons to opt for 'Smoke Alarmed' in Nambour?

No call out fee

You can look forward to a FREE site visit and an assessment of your smoke alarm requirements. We pledge not to charge you a call out fee when we pay you a visit to discuss your smoke alarms.

No surprises, fixed up front quotes

Before we begin any work at all we will provide you with an upfront price, calculated by the job, not by the hour. You will know the full cost of your smoke alarm work in advance, which means you remain in complete control. No work will commence unless you have approved our quote.

Smoke alarm experts

Our small team of smoke alarm technicians work locally around the Sunshine Coast and Hinterland. We are specialists in our field of installation, upgrades, repairs and testing smoke alarms. We’re thoroughly trained and what we don’t know about smoke alarms is probably just not worth knowing. We are completely confident we have the experience and expertise to recommend and install the most appropriate smoke alarms for your Nambour home.

On time or we pay you

‘Punctuality’ is our middle name! We’re sticklers for it, and we guarantee to arrive on time, every time. So confident are we, that we guarantee to pay you $100 if we’re late for your appointment. Go on … put us to the test!


Apart from Nambour, our services extend to all these other areas too!

If you don't see your suburb below, if you live on the Sunshine Coast, it's a safe bet we service your area anyway. If you'd like to check, give us a quick call today!

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My fire alarms kept going off despite me replacing the batteries. Smoke Alarmed were quick to respond to my request and had an electrician here in a few hours. He ended up replacing the alarms as they were old. Friendly and prompt service I've told many people about.

Raymond R.

Nambour, QLD

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Here are other benefits you'll appreciate as well

Noisy smoke alarms fixed SAME DAY

Just had a sleepless night listening to the annoying sound of a beeping smoke alarm? Is there anything worse?? We’re here to help! Give us a call before 11 am Mon-Fri, and we guarantee to fix it for you the same day, or our visit is FREE!

Clean and tidy house-trained electrician

Tired of tradesmen who leave their mess behind? You’re going to love this! Your ‘Smoke Alarmed’ technician wears clean boot covers inside and will also protect your valuable floor surfaces by laying drop sheets and mats under the work area. Plus, get this … we come equipped with a vacuum cleaner and cleaning products as well, to ensure our work area is always left immaculate! 

Nambour and surrounds

We’re often working in and around the Nambour area, and we also visit all surrounding suburbs including Dulong, Rosemount, Burnside, Coes Creek, West Woombye and Kiels Mountain, just to name a few. Don’t forget, there's no call-out fee for us to visit any suburb on the Sunshine Coast! We're local and can often be as close as the adjoining suburb, so we’re able to attend quickly if you have a smoke alarm emergency

Fully stocked service vehicles

Our service vans are always fully stocked, and when we arrive at your Nambour property we are able to offer you a great range of smoke alarms and related parts. Depending on your budget and style of home, you will be given a choice of smoke alarms of varying prices and/or quality.

This will allow us to carry out the work for you the same day if that suits, rather than having to arrange a second appointment for you.


Some helpful FAQ's

Do you charge a call out fee?

No, there's no call out fee. It costs you nothing for us to visit you wherever you're located in Nambour. We price our services 'by the specific job' and not by the hour so once we assess your requirements, you will always be given a fixed up front quote before any work starts. You will have no nasty surprises.

How much does it cost to ... ?

The best way for us to provide you with the right advice and accurate pricing is to visit you in person and assess your property's floor plan and existing smoke alarm system. After that, we will provide you with a fixed priced quote. If you wish to proceed, we can usually carry out the work on the spot so you don't have to wait for us to come back another time. As mentioned above, we don't charge a call out fee, so it costs you nothing for our site visit and consultation. 

Are you electricians or just a smoke alarm company?

We're electricians who are licensed to carry out all electrical work. However, we are also smoke alarm specialists. We are not typical 'jack of all trades' electricians who might only install the odd smoke alarm here and there. Nor are we a traditional smoke alarm company who travels from property to property to only test smoke alarms. Being licensed electricians, we're qualified to attend to all mains powered (hard wired) smoke alarm repairs and installations. In addition, we have the knowledge and experience to handle the complexities of any smoke alarm problem.

Do you only work in Nambour?

We're often in Nambour, but it's not the only suburb we visit. We service all Sunshine Coast QLD suburbs between Beerwah in the South, to Noosa Heads in the North, and West out to Montville and Maleny. If you're unsure if we service your area, reach out to us today.

When do the new QLD smoke alarm laws come in?

By 1st January 2022, all QLD properties being sold or rented will be required to have mains powered or 10-year-lithium battery powered photoelectric smoke alarms installed in every bedroom and outside the bedrooms in the corridors, and all alarms will need to be interconnected with each other (meaning, when one alarm sounds, all alarms sound). All owner-occupied homes in QLD will be required to meet this standard by no later than 1st January 2027. If you need more information on the incoming QLD Smoke Alarm Legislation, please give us a call today!

Living in Nambour? We'd love to hear from you!

If you have any questions about smoke alarm installation, service or upgrades we are always happy to help. Contact us today!

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We're local Sunshine Coast electricians who are fastidious smoke alarm specialists. With over 18 years experience in testing, repairing and replacing smoke alarms, and a deep-rooted intent to improve home safety, you can rely on us to provide thorough smoke alarm installation, testing and repair services across the Sunshine Coast QLD region. Our utmost priority is the safety of you and your family and we refuse to cut corners when it comes to electrical and fire safety. Smoke alarms save lives, so like hundreds of other Sunshine Coast families, rely on the specialist knowledge and expertise of the smoke alarm specialists at Smoke Alarmed!


Smoke Alarmed

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Hard wired smoke detector testing

Hard wired smoke detectors are our specialty at Smoke Alarmed. We test countless hard wired smoke detectors every day, and would be only too happy to inspect and test yours. 

Ideally, hard wired smoke detectors should be interconnected with the other detectors in your home, so that when one detector activates, all detectors activate, thus providing you with the earliest possible warning and best chance of escape should there be a fire. Smoke Alarmed can not only test the compliance and operation of your hard wired detectors, but also their successful interconnection with other detectors in your home.

By 1st January 2022 for rental properties and homes being sold, and 2027 for owner-occupied homes, all smoke detectors in homes in QLD will need to be interconnected with each other. Contact Smoke Alarmed today to arrange an assessment of your hard wired smoke detectors and if required, we can provide you with a free fixed price quote or upgrade your detectors to be interconnected with each other.


Smoke alarm testing in rental properties

Current smoke alarm legislation states that a rental property must have its smoke alarms tested in the 30 days prior to a new tenancy agreement or tenancy renewal to confirm they are safe, compliant and working correctly. 

If you're a rental property owner, Smoke Alarmed will efficiently liaise with real estate agents and tenants to arrange access to your property to carry out the required smoke alarm tests.

Whilst there, we carry out our advanced 7-point testing and service process on each and every alarm and provide you with a report of the test as well as a Smoke Alarm Compliance Certificate if they've all been deemed compliant. 

We treat your property and tenants with respect by using protective mats, drop cloths and shoe covers whilst carrying out the testing, and leave no trace of mess behind.

Discounted recurring annual testing and service plans are available which include unlimited visits to the property each year as well as free return visits should your tenant's experience beeping smoke alarms or random false-alarms.


Smoke alarm testing certificates

Sometimes you may need a smoke alarm compliance certificate for insurance purposes or at the time of a property sale or transfer. Smoke Alarmed can swiftly carry out this service and provide you with the required documentation within 24 hours of our scheduled visit.

Some of the checks we carry out include:

* The age of the smoke alarms (they should be less than 10 years old)

*Their positioning in the dwelling, proximity to bedrooms, corridors, egress paths etc.

* Whether they contain a photo-optical sensor or the older ionisation type

* Whether they are stand alone smoke alarms or interconnected with each other (when one alarm activates, all alarms activate)

* Their compliance with AS3786

* Their general condition including the security of the mounting bracket on the ceiling

* And of course, testing and operational checks to ensure they are safe, compliant and working properly

When required, and with your approval, we can carry out any repairs or upgrades whilst we are on site.


Pre-purchase smoke alarm testing and audits

How do you know the smoke alarm system in the home you're planning on buying is compliant with current standards? Sure, your purchase contract may have a box checked to indicate the smoke alarms are working correctly, but experience often tells us, nothing can be further from the truth.

For peace of mind for your family's safety, arrange for Smoke Alarmed to carry out a pre-purchase inspection of your smoke alarms and safety switches.

We will thoroughly inspect and test your smoke alarms and safety switches and advise on if they are satisfactory, and if not, provide a written report of non-compliance accompanied by a quote to have the system repaired or upgraded.


Smoke alarm battery testing

A beeping/chirping smoke alarm is everyone's enemy. If your smoke alarm is beeping once every 30-40 seconds or so, or you are confused as to why the new battery you've installed in your alarm is still causing it to beep, contact us today. We will visit swiftly at your location on the Sunshine Coast and carry out some tests on your smoke alarm battery (whether it be a replaceable 9 volt battery or sealed rechargeable lithium battery) to determine the best course of action to have the issue solved.


Fire alarm audible testing

Residential fire alarms should meet a minimum requirement of 85dB of noise output at 3 metres.

Your smoke alarms may be proven to operate, but how do you know if they are loud enough to wake you in the event of a fire?

Smoke Alarmed electricians are equipped with the test equipment to carry out this smoke alarm audible testing of the siren, and take the additional steps of measuring the sound level where you sleep at the bed head.

We'll be able to provide you with recommendations to improve the safety of the smoke alarm system in your home, which may include relocating your existing alarms or adding more smoke alarms in key areas (and interconnecting them with others so that when one alarm sounds, all alarms sound).


Smoke alarm inspections

If you're a little unsure how old or effective your existing smoke alarms are, or perhaps your alarms are giving you a bit of grief, contact Smoke Alarmed to carry out a smoke alarm inspection.

We don't charge a call out fee to visit and chat about your smoke alarms. We'll be able to give some honest, un-biased advice about the condition of your smoke alarms and what you can do to improve the fire and electrical safety in your Sunshine Coast home. Whether or not you choose us to carry out any work is irrelevant, but our hope at least is to provide you with some fire safety tips and advice which may one day become useful.


Annual smoke alarm testing

Aside from rental properties which need their smoke alarms tested in the 30 days prior to a new tenancy or tenancy renewal, many private home-owners arrange for us to carry out a recurring annual smoke alarm test and service. This provides them with a level of peace of mind that the smoke alarm system in their home is safe, compliant and working properly  should it be called upon to operate in the time of need.

Call us today on 1800 SMOKE ALARM or send us a text message on 0447 377 453 to find out about our low annual pricing and schedule a convenient time to commence your annual smoke alarm testing.



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