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Smoke alarms don't last forever, and they often fail when you least expect it. When yours do and you're looking for a well-priced, reliable smoke alarm replacement contractor in a hurry, rely on the local service professionals at Smoke Alarmed.

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We've been replacing smoke alarms for years on the Sunshine Coast, and are already the trusted smoke alarm electrician in hundred of homes across the region.

Not many people are aware that all smoke alarms expire when they are 10 years old. Studies have shown that the effectiveness and reliability of smoke alarms rapidly decrease after this time, and therefore should be replaced. 

Furthermore, many smoke alarms fail earlier than their 10 year expiry date too. If your smoke alarms are intermittently false alarming or chirping, this may be a sign your alarms are on their way and need replacing.

If you're not sure how old your smoke alarms are, or want to get your problematic alarms checked out, just get in touch. We'll come to visit you free of charge to inspect your alarms. With no call out fee and on-time guaranteed arrival, it's a great opportunity to get some peace of mind with your smoke alarms. If any of your alarms need attention, we'll always provide you with a fixed upfront quote for your consideration.

Perhaps you have some of the older ionisation type smoke alarms and you've heard about the newer, more effective photoelectric alarms. We can help there too.

Smoke alarms are often a neglected piece of equipment and many people only pay attention to them when they start giving them problems.

In whatever capacity we can assist with smoke alarm replacements or repairs, reach out to us today to organise a visit with one of our friendly electricians. Let's get your Sunshine Coast home fire safe!

Some questions we're often asked

Do you charge a call out fee?

No, there's no call out fee. It costs you nothing for us to visit you. Thereafter, we price our services 'by the specific job' and not by the hour. Once we visit you, you will always be given a fixed up front quote before any work starts so there are no surprises.

What smoke alarm replacement services do you offer?

One of our core services is upgrading the older ionisation type smoke alarms to the newer, safer photoelectric smoke alarms (which will alert you quicker in the event of a fire). Of course, being licensed electricians, we're equipped to replace faulty mains powered smoke alarms and work on your wiring, replace faulty 9-volt and lithium battery powered smoke alarms, repair smoke alarms (if possible) before we consider replacement, replacement of heat alarms, just to name a few.

What are your prices?

We don't have an hourly rate but price all of our services 'by the individual task'. 

Quality 9-volt battery powered photoelectric smoke alarms can be replaced from $66 each and mains powered photoelectric smoke alarms can be replaced from $118 each (labour and GST inclusive). We'll always provide an upfront quote for your approval before any work starts, however. 

What is your service area?

We service all Sunshine Coast QLD suburbs between Beerwah in the North, to Noosa Heads in the South, and West our to Montville and Maleny. If you're unsure if we service your area, reach out to us today.

When do the new QLD smoke alarm laws come in?

By 1st January 2022, all QLD properties being sold or rented will be required to have mains powered or 10-year-lithium battery powered photoelectric smoke alarms installed in every bedroom and outside the bedrooms in the corridors, and all alarms will need to be interconnected with each other (when one alarm sounds, all alarms sound). All owner-occupied homes in QLD will be required to meet this standard by no later than 1st January 2027. If you need more information on the incoming QLD Smoke Alarm Legislation, reach out to us today.

A brief list of our smoke alarm replacement services

Photoelectric smoke alarm replacement

Photoelectric smoke alarms are the recommended type of smoke alarm to have in your home as they sense fires earlier, however bear in mind they will still need to be replaced when they reach 10 years of age. Additionally, from time to time, your photoelectric smoke alarms may increasingly false-alarm, chirp or become a nuisance. If this is the case, let's organise a convenient time for us to visit you, run some tests on them and figure out a plan of attack to the get the issue sorted. 

Photoelectric Smoke Alarm Replacement
9-Volt Battery Powered Smoke Alarm Replacements

9-volt battery powered smoke alarm replacements

The majority of the smoke alarms we see in our daily travels are the 9-volt battery powered smoke alarms, whether they be the ionisation type or the photoelectric type. Just like any smoke alarm, these models need to be replaced when they are 10 years old, or perhaps sooner if they start to give you troubles. If your 9-volt battery powered smoke alarms need replacement, perhaps consider upgrading to either mains powered alarms or 10-year-life lithium battery powered alarms. Contact us today for a quote!

10-year-life lithium battery powered smoke detector replacements

10-year-life lithium battery powered smoke detectors are becoming increasingly popular as they don't contain a replaceable 9 volt battery which you need to remember replacing each and every year. Like the smoke detectors above, they too need replacing when they are 10 years old. These types of smoke detectors will still alert you with a 'chirp' when the 10-year lithium battery is running low (hopefully that's after 10 years), however don't just rely on this to notify you when the detectors needs replacing. Instead, remove your smoke detector from its base and check the date code on the back. If your detector is 10 years older than the manufacturing date stamped on the back, you will need to get it replaced to ensure your smoke detectors are working in the manner to which they are intended.

10-Year-Life Lithium Battery Powered Smoke Detector Replacements
Faulty Fire Alarm Replacement

Faulty fire alarm replacement

Faults with smoke alarms can include:

* Chirping/beeping faults (these are the most common)

*  Intermittent false alarming for no reason (also very common and sometimes fixable)

* The smoke alarm is broken and doesn't stay clipped to its base (plastic clips can often break)

* The test button is not working on the smoke alarm

* The smoke alarm being way too sensitive to minor temperature variances, cooking smoke and humidity from bathrooms and laundries

* The smoke alarm continuing to chirp after a new battery has been installed

At Smoke Alarmed, we've seen it all. If you feel your smoke alarm is faulty, we're local to you on the Sunshine Coast and are ready to help. Contact us today!

Beeping/chirping smoke alarm replacement

A beeping or chirping smoke alarm is the worst, isn't it? And you probably know too well, smoke alarms don't wait for a convenient time to let their presence be known 😂. The majority of beeping/chirping smoke alarm faults we see are a result of insect ingress in the smoke alarm. Oftentimes, this build up of insects, dust and debris inside the sensing chamber can be cleaned out thoroughly by one of our smoke alarm experts so your smoke alarms function normally again. External electrical influences may also adversely affect smoke alarms causing them to beep and chirp (i.e. some solar panel inverters have been known to affect smoke alarms, off-peak tariffs, ceiling fan controllers, sensor lights, and power glitches/spikes/transient voltages are a common cause of faults as well). In other cases though, an internal electronics issue is the cause (inside the smoke alarm), which in many cases, is not repairable, and thus replacement of the smoke alarm is the most viable option. Let us know how we can help with the assessment, repair or replacement of your smoke alarm in your Sunshine Coast home.

Loud Beeping Smoke Alarm
Expired Smoke Alarm Replacement

Expired smoke alarm replacement

Not many homeowners and tenants know that smoke alarms have an expiry date. They incorrectly assume that as long as a new battery is installed in their smoke alarm(s) from time to time, it will continue working and be effective in alerting them to a fire. All smoke alarms need replacement when they reach 10 years of age. Many smoke alarms test for smoke (or self test) every 40 seconds give or take, so over a 10 year lifespan, that alarm has been through a whopping 7,884,000 testing cycles! The electronics inside a smoke alarm wear out over time and studies have shown that after 10 years, a smoke alarm becomes less effective in identifying and alerting you to smoke in a timely manner. Have your smoke alarms checked today by Smoke Alarmed. We'll drive out to visit you at no charge (we don't charge a call out fee) and we'll inspect your smoke alarms and check their expiry date. If they need replacing, we'll provide you with a fixed upfront quote for your approval before any work starts.

Mains powered smoke alarm replacement

We've found mains powered smoke alarms to be the most stable and reliable type of alarm, however they don't function perfectly every time and are not without their drawbacks. Being hard-wired and connected to the electricity grid, mains powered smoke alarms are susceptible to false alarming from 'electrical noise', spikes or glitches on the electrical supply feeding them. Some modern alarms have electrical noise filters built into their electronics which can help. If your mains powered smoke alarm is playing up, we have the knowledge and expertise to help!

Mains Powered Smoke Alarm Replacement

Some love from our clients 💕

Why choose Smoke Alarmed?

No call out fee

You won't be charged a cent just for us to drive out visit you and chat about smoke alarms

No surprises, fixed up front quotes

We price everything we do 'by the task' and not by the hour before we even pick up a tool. When you choose Smoke Alarmed, you'll always know the full price for your smoke alarms in advance so there are no nasty surprises and you stay in complete control. #nobillshock 😲

Smoke alarm experts

We're a small team of licensed, local Sunshine Coast electricians who are smoke alarm installation, repair and testing experts. We're specialists in the field and what we don't know about smoke alarms isn't worth knowing. Rely on our knowledge and experience to recommend the most appropriate smoke alarm system for your home.

On time or we pay you

We're sticklers for being punctual and guarantee to arrive on time, everytime. If we're late for your appointment, we guarantee to pay you $100! 💵Put us to the test today!

We replace these brands of smoke alarms, plus others!

Full Sunshine Coast coverage for smoke alarm replacements

Replacing smoke alarms is what we do all day, every day so you'll often see us travelling between jobs all across the Sunshine Coast.

We replace smoke alarms in Caloundra, Maroochydore, Mooloolaba, Buderim, Sippy Downs, Glenview, Baringa, Peregian Springs, Peregian Beach, Coolum Beach, Palmview, Glenview, Mooloolah Valley, Beerwah, Yandina, Noosa Heads, Sunshine Beach and all surrounding areas. Pretty much, if you live in any Sunshine Coast suburb, chances are we service it!

If you have any doubts if we service your suburb, just send us a quick text message on 0437 822 487 or let's chat on 1800 SMOKE ALARM (1800 766 532).

We're happy to help in any way we can!

Get a $37 discount on smoke alarm replacement 

Must quote "REPLACE37" when you call or text*

* Not valid with any other offer. Discount can only be redeemed by Sunshine Coast home owners and landlords for smoke alarm installation and replacement services only (not applicable to any other service).

Improve the fire safety in your home

Let's get those problematic or expired smoke alarms replaced in your Sunshine Coast home. Contact Smoke Alarmed today!

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We're local Sunshine Coast electricians who are fastidious smoke alarm specialists. With over 18 years experience in testing, repairing and replacing smoke alarms, and a deep-rooted intent to improve home safety, you can rely on us to provide thorough smoke alarm installation, testing and repair services across the Sunshine Coast QLD region. Our utmost priority is the safety of you and your family and we refuse to cut corners when it comes to electrical and fire safety. Smoke alarms save lives, so like hundreds of other Sunshine Coast families, rely on the specialist knowledge and expertise of the smoke alarm specialists at Smoke Alarmed!


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Hard wired smoke detector testing

Hard wired smoke detectors are our specialty at Smoke Alarmed. We test countless hard wired smoke detectors every day, and would be only too happy to inspect and test yours. 

Ideally, hard wired smoke detectors should be interconnected with the other detectors in your home, so that when one detector activates, all detectors activate, thus providing you with the earliest possible warning and best chance of escape should there be a fire. Smoke Alarmed can not only test the compliance and operation of your hard wired detectors, but also their successful interconnection with other detectors in your home.

By 1st January 2022 for rental properties and homes being sold, and 2027 for owner-occupied homes, all smoke detectors in homes in QLD will need to be interconnected with each other. Contact Smoke Alarmed today to arrange an assessment of your hard wired smoke detectors and if required, we can provide you with a free fixed price quote or upgrade your detectors to be interconnected with each other.


Smoke alarm testing in rental properties

Current smoke alarm legislation states that a rental property must have its smoke alarms tested in the 30 days prior to a new tenancy agreement or tenancy renewal to confirm they are safe, compliant and working correctly. 

If you're a rental property owner, Smoke Alarmed will efficiently liaise with real estate agents and tenants to arrange access to your property to carry out the required smoke alarm tests.

Whilst there, we carry out our advanced 7-point testing and service process on each and every alarm and provide you with a report of the test as well as a Smoke Alarm Compliance Certificate if they've all been deemed compliant. 

We treat your property and tenants with respect by using protective mats, drop cloths and shoe covers whilst carrying out the testing, and leave no trace of mess behind.

Discounted recurring annual testing and service plans are available which include unlimited visits to the property each year as well as free return visits should your tenant's experience beeping smoke alarms or random false-alarms.


Smoke alarm testing certificates

Sometimes you may need a smoke alarm compliance certificate for insurance purposes or at the time of a property sale or transfer. Smoke Alarmed can swiftly carry out this service and provide you with the required documentation within 24 hours of our scheduled visit.

Some of the checks we carry out include:

* The age of the smoke alarms (they should be less than 10 years old)

*Their positioning in the dwelling, proximity to bedrooms, corridors, egress paths etc.

* Whether they contain a photo-optical sensor or the older ionisation type

* Whether they are stand alone smoke alarms or interconnected with each other (when one alarm activates, all alarms activate)

* Their compliance with AS3786

* Their general condition including the security of the mounting bracket on the ceiling

* And of course, testing and operational checks to ensure they are safe, compliant and working properly

When required, and with your approval, we can carry out any repairs or upgrades whilst we are on site.


Pre-purchase smoke alarm testing and audits

How do you know the smoke alarm system in the home you're planning on buying is compliant with current standards? Sure, your purchase contract may have a box checked to indicate the smoke alarms are working correctly, but experience often tells us, nothing can be further from the truth.

For peace of mind for your family's safety, arrange for Smoke Alarmed to carry out a pre-purchase inspection of your smoke alarms and safety switches.

We will thoroughly inspect and test your smoke alarms and safety switches and advise on if they are satisfactory, and if not, provide a written report of non-compliance accompanied by a quote to have the system repaired or upgraded.


Smoke alarm battery testing

A beeping/chirping smoke alarm is everyone's enemy. If your smoke alarm is beeping once every 30-40 seconds or so, or you are confused as to why the new battery you've installed in your alarm is still causing it to beep, contact us today. We will visit swiftly at your location on the Sunshine Coast and carry out some tests on your smoke alarm battery (whether it be a replaceable 9 volt battery or sealed rechargeable lithium battery) to determine the best course of action to have the issue solved.


Fire alarm audible testing

Residential fire alarms should meet a minimum requirement of 85dB of noise output at 3 metres.

Your smoke alarms may be proven to operate, but how do you know if they are loud enough to wake you in the event of a fire?

Smoke Alarmed electricians are equipped with the test equipment to carry out this smoke alarm audible testing of the siren, and take the additional steps of measuring the sound level where you sleep at the bed head.

We'll be able to provide you with recommendations to improve the safety of the smoke alarm system in your home, which may include relocating your existing alarms or adding more smoke alarms in key areas (and interconnecting them with others so that when one alarm sounds, all alarms sound).


Smoke alarm inspections

If you're a little unsure how old or effective your existing smoke alarms are, or perhaps your alarms are giving you a bit of grief, contact Smoke Alarmed to carry out a smoke alarm inspection.

We don't charge a call out fee to visit and chat about your smoke alarms. We'll be able to give some honest, un-biased advice about the condition of your smoke alarms and what you can do to improve the fire and electrical safety in your Sunshine Coast home. Whether or not you choose us to carry out any work is irrelevant, but our hope at least is to provide you with some fire safety tips and advice which may one day become useful.


Annual smoke alarm testing

Aside from rental properties which need their smoke alarms tested in the 30 days prior to a new tenancy or tenancy renewal, many private home-owners arrange for us to carry out a recurring annual smoke alarm test and service. This provides them with a level of peace of mind that the smoke alarm system in their home is safe, compliant and working properly  should it be called upon to operate in the time of need.

Call us today on 1800 SMOKE ALARM or send us a text message on 0447 377 453 to find out about our low annual pricing and schedule a convenient time to commence your annual smoke alarm testing.



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